ROC Policies

As a participant in Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) you must agree to these policies as part of your registration in order to participate. Any violation of these policies will have consequences up to and including removal from ROC.

Safe Space Agreement

Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) aims to be a Virtual Safe Space for participants and staff of all identities.

As a ROC Participant:

  • I will not engage in any behaviour that bullies, demeans, or marginalizes others on Zoom or any other social media platforms.
  • I will be aware of the range of different identities (gender, sexual orientation, race, class, ability, spirituality) that people may identify with, and avoid making generalisations, or assumptions about people.
  • I will not record (photos and/or videos) or share information about other participants on Zoom or any other social media platforms and
  • I will not hesitate to speak up if someone is feeling uncomfortable in this Safe Space, for whatever reason.

Restricted Items Policy

Restricted items at Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) include:

  • weapons of any kind
  • clothing that promotes violence, degrading or inappropriate language or images
  • drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, vapes
  • any materials that potentially cause danger, damage, or harm to the ROC community

I agree to monitor both myself and my surrounding area (if using video) to ensure a welcoming and safe virtual environment for all participants.

Smoke and Substance Free Policy

Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) is a “Sober Space”. The use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or vape products during ROC is not permitted. This includes obvious depictions or use of these products in my physical environment (if using video).