Rick Mercer is back with a new show!

“Rick Mercer is bringing his NEW show to Sault Ste. Marie to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday”

Welcome Friend Association (WFA) is pleased to present “Rick Mercer’s Canada:  Coast to Coast to Coast,” in association with the Algoma Water Tower Inn & Suites on Friday, May 12th, 2017 at the Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre.  This event is in support of Rainbow Camp®

Come and join Rick Mercer celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday!!!

Few people know Canada like Rick Mercer knows Canada. Unashamedly proud, fiercely skeptical, and endlessly entertaining, Mercer knows the people, the culture, the passions, and the heartaches. He knows Canada is a country worth laughing about, cheering about, and celebrating about!

Rick Mercer’s RickMCanada:  Coast to Coast to Coast is a tribute to Canada’s 150th birthday.  He chronicles, satirizes, and ultimately celebrates all that is great and irreverent about this country. Known as “Canada’s Unofficial Opposition,” Mercer is our most popular comic, a political satirist who knows exactly what matters to regular Canadians and what makes them laugh. In his show, Mercer pokes and prods at our institutions. He reveals hypocrisy at the highest reaches of power. And he draws our attention to hardworking, unsung heroes. In the process, he illuminates everything that's great and irreverent about Canada. Mercer's unrivalled genius is his ability to make you laugh at, question, think about, and—most of all—appreciate this glorious country we all share.

Held in support of WFA’s Rainbow Camp®, this show will contribute greatly to the goal of raising the $100,000 needed to host and provide transportation for 70 LGBTQ youth from across Canada to attend Camp.  Set in Northern Ontario among towering white pines on the shores of Lake Huron, Welcome Friend’s Rainbow Camp® is the perfect place to make new friends and develop skills through traditional and non-traditional camp programming.  Camp allows our youth to discover who they are & where they belong, learn to relate with family and friends, deal with bullying and issues of self-esteem, learn about gender, sexuality & health, live confidently and authentically as well as have fun swimming, canoeing, enjoying nature, roasting marshmallows and singing around a campfire in a safe environment.  More than anything, Rainbow Camp® is a fun place for kids to come “OUT” and be themselves!

One of this year’s counselors says “Rainbow Camp® is a camp like no other. I hope one day there will be many more like it — I hope there is a Rainbow Camp® for each and every LGBTQ youth who ever felt like they didn’t belong. Until then, Rainbow Camp® remains a unique haven, where memories are made, hope is nurtured and dreams can begin.”

A former camper now counsellor states “Rainbow Camp® changed my life; I would be a very different person without it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend and the many amazing experiences I have had there. I will continue to return as a counsellor and I encourage many others to get involved with Rainbow Camp®. This Camp is not just a one-week experience; this Camp is something very special that has a lasting impact on you. Rainbow Camp® changes lives.”

Tickets for the show go on sale Wednesday, December 7th, just in time for Christmas gifting.  Makes a great stocking stuffer.  An added bonus is the opportunity to purchase Exclusive Tickets which include preferred seating during the show, plus a Meet and Greet Reception at the Algoma’s Water Tower Inn & Suites after the show.  Visit http://www.welcomefriend.ca/portfolio-posts/rick-mercers-canada-coast-to-coast-to-coast/ for more information and to purchase tickets.