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Since Brand g’s inception, all-LGBT vacations have been our passion and our specialization; and we are the premier operator of LGBT river cruise and land tours. With vacations all over the world, and in some of the most exotic locales known to man, no one offers greater choice, inclusions or entertainment.

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Traveling safely can be a challenge even within one’s own home country, but traveling abroad where one isn’t as familiar with local customs, laws, infrastructure, and resources presents its own set of challenges when it comes to safe travel. This is unfortunately particularly important to keep in mind for specific demographics. People who are in the minority in terms of sexual orientation and/or gender identity are commonly discriminated against to various degrees throughout the world. In fact, in some parts of the world, it is technically illegal for LGBTQ+ people to even exist.

These issues may cause much of the LGBTQ+ community to feel like safe travel isn’t an option for them — and if we’re honest, in some cases it isn’t. Although it is unfortunate that anyone is or feels less safe because of who they are, that is often the reality of the situation for LGBTQ+ international travelers. As such, this piece will provide a guide and resource for LGBTQ+ individuals who would like tips on traveling as safely as possible.

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Explore a vast array of LGBTQ welcoming tourism experiences and attractions, and join us where we truly celebrate the diversity of Ontario and embrace our vibrant LGBTQ community.

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OUT Adventures has been the premier provider of exclusive cruises, gay tours, and gay travel in general for nearly a decade.

Whether you're looking to tackle the climb of a lifetime, or want to wallow in luxury aboard a private yacht, we offer a slew of packages that deliver great value and great times. If you've got something specific in mind we can even curate a custom itinerary just for you.

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