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2SLGBTQ+ youth already have a high rate of suicide.  Due to COVID19, 2SLGBTQ+ youth are more isolated because of social distancing.  Being forced to live in the closet, being gender mislabeled, and the lack of connection with the community, many are feeling desperate and alone.
Welcome Friend Association's virtual camp program called Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) serves 2SLGBTQ+ participants (ages 12-18) with the opportunity to connect throughout the year virtually through at-home activities and staff-led interactive programming.
We appreciate your commitment to ROC and to the goal of helping isolated youth be more connected in a fun and meaningful way.
One week of ROC (July/August 2021) costs $450 per camper.   Where possible, campers pay a registration fee of $260.  Our policy is to make room for all campers regardless of their financial circumstances. Any donation you can make, such as the registration fee for a camper, helps us reach that goal.
Welcome Friend Association is a Canadian registered charity (Registration no.:  830794715 RR0001)
By donating you are giving 2SLGBTQ+ youth the opportunity to be with others like themselves which not only strengthens them as individuals but also strengthens the greater community, even, ultimately, our world!