Governor General of Canada Awards Rainbow Camp founders

Congratulations to Christopher Southin and Harry Stewart, recipients of the Meritorious Service Medal. #GGHonours
They have been honoured for co-founding Rainbow Camp for their work in support of LGBTQ2S+ youth.
Every year Rainbow Camp hosts more than 200 youths, providing them with a safe environment in which to build strong connections and grow. In response to COVID-19, they successfully moved many of their services online, where they continue to serve and support LGBTQ2S+ youth across Canada and around the world.
Southin and Stewart: “Society often says, ‘Go big or go home!’ but we didn’t find that. Rainbow Camp was an idea that two people had in a small, northern Ontario town, which eventually leavened all that the camp is today. The power of the right people with the right idea at the right time cannot be stopped. If you’ve got an idea, dream big and get to work!”