Welcome Friend Association is made up of volunteers who strive to make our world better for the LGBTQ & Allies.  Your donations further the outreach WFA has on the LGBTQ & Allies.  WFA’s largest project to date is the WFA Rainbow Camp® which hosts 70 youth from across Canada for a week among the towering white pines of Northern Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron.  To run 2 one week camps the budget runs very close to $100,000.

Why so much you ask?  85% of the youth who come, are referred through child welfare agencies.  Many of the kids are technically homeless and currently live in some kind of housing whether foster care or group housing or the parents are unable or unwilling to send their child to camp.  We provide that funding, the cost of travel from anywhere in Canada and WFA provides the curriculum and counsellors to run the camp.  It’s a very large undertaking, but the need is great.

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