Welcoming/Affirming Training Seminar

What to expect from this training?

The training has been designed specifically with congregations and their leaders in mind. We will explore topics which will help you to become a more effective leader in working with congregations on issues related to human sexuality and gender identity for the purpose of helping a congregation discern God's call to become more welcoming and inclusive, particularly of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Two-spirit, & Queer/Questioning (LGBT2SQ) persons. Topics include:

  • Faith-based community organizing techniques
  • Congregational conflict theory and resolution
  • Managing change in congregations well
  • Effective strategies for helping congregations discern the call to be welcoming
  • Building relationships for change
  • Dealing with difficult conversations around biblical material, stereotypes,and other areas of concern
  • Opportunity to build relationships with others who share your concerns
  • Personal spiritual enrichment
  • Opportunity for growth and challenge
  • Intense few days of hard work, laughter, and fun

Who should come?

Anyone who is interested in seeing the Church (meaning denominations/faith communities) become more welcoming, supportive and inclusive of LGBT2SQ persons. This could include:

  • Lay leaders
  • Ordained leaders
  • Denominational or judicatory leaders
  • Members who care about these issues
  • Leaders and members in denominational lgbt groups


Contact us to arrange a Welcoming/Affirming Training Seminar