LGBTQ Educational Seminars and Resources

Welcome Friend Association provides seminars and training for organizations and the community at large to broaden the understanding of the Queer community.

We have come together to work towards a society where everyone, regardless of their gender of sexual orientation, can find respect and understanding. We endeavour to reach out into the wider community across Ontario by offering education, support, and inclusion for all by engaging individuals, businesses and organizations.

Queer 101 - Seminar

This seminar is for anyone who wants to learn and ask questions about the LGBTQ community in a welcoming environment. We address and explain common things that LGBTQ individuals will face socially, politically and globally. Email us if your interested in taking our Queer 101 seminar.

Welcoming/Affirming Training Seminar

The training has been designed specifically with congregations and their leaders in mind. We will explore topics which will help you to become a more effective leader in working with congregations on issues related to human sexuality and gender identity for the purpose of helping a congregation discern God’s call to become more welcoming and inclusive, particularly of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Two-spirit, & Queer/Questioning (LGBT2SQ) persons.

Here's what people say about our seminars

What people have said about past Seminars..

“Reinforced and enhanced my understanding of sexuality gender and the queer community. Offered a safe space for comfortable conversations about a bigger conversation that needs to happen in the community. Feel better prepared to support the queer community and to further educate myself and others!”

“Highly recommend this for anyone working with people.”

“Honest, factual and real.”

“Deconstructing gender and sexuality was very helpful to me as a family life educator.”

“Great professional development for a sexual educator.”

“I was able to ask `stupid` questions to prevent me from hurting LGBTQA people.”

“I made great connections with others who are trying to create safe places and spaces.”

“Will come back and let others know!”

“Hope to bring all this information back to workplace and make it a more accepting safe place for all the queer community.”