Camper Communication Page

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5 thoughts on “Camper Communication Page

  1. This is also a great place for you to share contact information so that y’all can stay in contact after ROC… This page is protected and is only visible to ROC Week 1 participants and staff.

  2. Hey guys gals and enby pals if you wanna chat with me my Insta is @theatre.geek525600 and Tik Tok is @pansexual.cosplay.geek

  3. Ey yo for anyone who hasn’t friended me already, this is my info. Especially for the Week 2 peeps cuz I know y’all are doing Pokémon Go and I need a special research, help a bro out:
    Xbox: AzureChaos29
    Discord: oCeAn Man, tAkE mE BY tHe hAnd#8713
    Pokémon Go: 0550 9663 7950
    Snapchat: dankmemes27lolz

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