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  1. We will be starting at level 1 and we will be building our characters in the session using, so feel free to make an account ahead of time if you like! 5e, Player’s Handbook only. Thanks so much for your questions!

  2. No problem.
    Just to clarify, I was just asking if it would be alright to use Volo’s or Xanathar’s or the like for the extra options.
    Or are we using PHB races and classes only?
    I take it that means artificer is out, if so.
    Thanks for your time!

  3. PHB races and classes only because of the charactermancer, yes. Artificer is not one of the available options. The session is intended to be very new-player-friendly. If it turns out that everyone attending has some experience with 5e, I may ease some of the restrictions, as they’re meant to keep things simple for people who might be overwhelmed by too many options. If you have further questions you can email me at

  4. For anyone who wants to contact me outside of camp my Tumblr account is: @starsync52
    (i don’t have any other social media really…)

  5. So for those of you who want to read my book “The Alternative LGBT World” my user is @Madison_Medusa on Wattpad
    Insta: @madz_geek
    Tik Tok: @pansexual.cosplay.geek

  6. I’m not able to get into the netflix party it seems. I get a “page not found” whenever I try to open the link.

  7. hey, i know this is late but my Instagram is ally_quenneville9904
    my pfp is my dog yawning (it’s terrifying)

  8. I have been posting materials from sessions as well as videos clips so feel free to check that out on the portal! Today’s additions: a list of LGBT books and authors, recordings of the sign language session and the conversations with Carlena session.

  9. I had such a good week and was so glad to participate! Thank you everyone, especially the hardworking staff! You guys can reach me on instagram @fruittimex 🙂

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