Volunteering at Rainbow Camp

Each year, WFA's Rainbow Camp® selects a team of enthusiastic, skilled, and youth-focused volunteers to work in cooperation with staff to ensure that campers are supported and supervised. Volunteers may be asked to lead programming as needed. Volunteers typically stay on site with our campers and are required to have a Criminal Record Check.

We are also looking for year-round Community Volunteers who live in the Sault Ste Marie area! Community volunteers help with local projects such as transportation, fundraising events, leading programming during camp and more. Community Volunteers typically do not stay on site at Rainbow Camp.

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Working at Rainbow Camp

Each year Welcome Friend Association’s Rainbow Camp® selects a team of enthusiastic, skilled, and youth-focused people to be paid camp counsellors.

Counsellors must:

  •    be 19 years of age or older,
  •    submit a Vulnerable Sector Police Screening, and
  •    participate in Rainbow Camp® Counsellor Training
  •    be legally eligible to work in Canada

There are several rounds of hiring so that we can compose the best team for our campers. Applicants may hear from us close to the beginning of camp. We appreciate applicants’ patience as they anticipate our response. Accommodations, meals and travel (up to $400) are covered.

Welcome Friend Association’s (WFA) Rainbow Camp Counselor Job Description

  • The purpose of WFA’s Rainbow Camp is to create an atmosphere of respect and value for one another, and to recognize one’s lived experiences as potentially different while equally valuable to others’. WFA’s Rainbow Camp refuses to impose norms on our campers that threaten their understanding of themselves.
  • Responsible to: WFA’s Rainbow Camp Directors
    • Experience working with queer and allied youth
    • Leadership and communication skills
    • Ability to work with all youth
    • Programming skills preferred and organizational skills required
    • Prior camp experience preferred
    • Requires a Police Records Vulnerable Persons Screening Check
  • Duties:
    • Shall ensure that all campers are supervised at all times, specifically when no formal activity is being run (e.g. before/after a meal, brushing teeth), at campfire, in the evenings and night time
    • Shall encourage and promote positive relationships within camper groups and amongst staff
    • Act as positive Role Model for campers
    • Responsible for following all rules and regulations as outlined in the Manual
    • Participate fully in all Counsellor Training programs
    • Participate fully in all programs at camp
    • Work in co-operation with all Directors, Counsellors and Volunteers
    • Work with campers requiring individual attention
    • May be required to run Sessions as needed
    • Attend daily Counsellor Meetings held by WFA’s Rainbow Camp’s Directors
    • Additional duties may be assigned at the discretion of the WFA’s Rainbow Camp’s Directors.

Rainbow Camp is committed to developing a team of role models that reflects our community and maintains an inclusive workplace. We offer extensive training and see many experiences and abilities as fundamentally aligned with our purpose. We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply and will provide accommodation through the hiring process as well during camp.  

If you have questions about working at Rainbow Camp® please read our FAQ section.  If your question is not answered on this website, please contact us by email.