Volunteer at Rainbow Camp®

Making Rainbow Camp run is a big job, and we appreciate the help we get from all of our amazing volunteers! We are currently accepting applications for Summer 2023 volunteers.

For more details about volunteering at Rainbow Camp, please see our Volunteer Package.

How to Apply:

Programmers and Multi-Day Volunteers

Please apply through our CampBrain application system!

Community Volunteers and Community Partnerships

Please email our volunteer coordinator, Caitlin, at cplestid@welcomefriend.ca

Volunteer Positions at Camp


Program volunteers come to run interactive programming for campers during our choose-your-own-adventure program slots. These are four 45-minute slots spread through the morning and afternoon where campers are able to choose from one of three programs offered at the same time. Each offered program connects to one of our program streams (artistic endeavours, outdoor recreation, and education and activism). This option has an expected time commitment of 1-2 hours each time a program is run (including prep time on-site). Program volunteers are welcome to run multiple programs with us, during the same session or spread through multiple sessions in the summer.

Community Volunteers

From time to time, we may have specific dates where we are looking for community volunteers to assist with site maintenance tasks. This could include moving camp supplies from storage to our campsite/moving supplies back to storage after camp, building maintenance like painting buildings and cleaning, and helping in the kitchen.

Community Partnerships

We are always happy to partner with other local organizations for an exchange of services!

Multi-Day Volunteers

Volunteers from outside of our local area are welcome to come and stay on-site for multiple days. This position is a combination of programming and site maintenance tasks as-needed. Multi-day volunteers may be involved in running their own programs, assisting others with their programs, assisting in the kitchen, and cleaning tasks.

Multi-day volunteers typically stay for the duration of a Rainbow Camp session (6 days) but shorter or longer stays can be arranged upon request. The length of stay will be determined based on your availability and the needs of Rainbow Camp.

Frequently Asked Questions