Youth ROC Winter/Spring 2023

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Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) is a chance for participants (ages 12-17) to connect through free at-home activities and staff-led interactive programming. Choose from a variety of engaging online programming in education and activism, artistic endeavors, and active outdoors! Programs run once a month. Dates will be added here as well as announced through our social channels!

If you are able to financially support this program, there will be an option to donate when you register online.

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Upcoming Program

Fashion and Expression with Pretty Knight Lauri! - Thursday, April 27th @ 6:00pm EDT

ROC is thrilled to welcome the wonderful Pretty Night Lauri to talk about their fashion journey and amazing transformation videos!

Pretty Knight Lauri (They/She) is an Asian-Canadian content creator that focuses on makeup and J-Fashion content- specifically in the ouji and lolita fashion. They are passionate in creating unique outfits and encouraging creativity and experimentation in fashion and gender expression. Lauri is a strong believer in being happy with the clothes you're in, to find styles that make you happy and always encourages people to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when trying new things.


Dungeons and Dragons

ROC Dungeons and Dragons returns with three more exciting campaigns to explore for adventurers ages 12-17! Beginner and experienced groups of up to six adventurers each will spend six three-hour long weekly sessions on a daring journey together. Adventurers can sign up for more than one campaign! For more information and registration details, see our Dungeons and Dragons page!

Past Programs

- Fall Trivia Prize Party - Winter Cookie Bake-Along - Jackbox Games Night - Drag Storytime with GG Van Der Kuntz - Spring Trivia Prize Party -