Steph (she/her)

Camp Director

Years at Camp: 5

Favourite Things to do during Quarantine: gardening, reading, creating art, and working to make Rainbow Online Connection awesome!!

Steph recently finished her MA in Dance at York University! She loves everything outdoors, anything creative, and believes summer camp can change the world.


Mallory (she/her)


Years at Camp: 3

Favourite Things to do during Quarantine: Hiking, watching Netflix, reading, and playing the piano.

During the year Mallory can be found singing in multiple choirs, directing a children’s choir, riding her bicycle, doing Aikido and studying music. Mallory loves travelling and has lived and studied in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Cal (he/him)

Program Director

Years at Camp: 2

Favourite Things to do during Quarantine: Spend time outside, gardening, painting, reading (currently reading Into the Wild  by Jon Krakauer), fire-building and hiking.

Cal is a 4th Year Outdoor Recreation student studying at Brock University. He loves playing hockey and spending time in the Outdoors. Cal’s favorite board game is Risk and he also loves yard games like Bocce and beanbag toss and his favorite TV show is Brooklyn 99.

Dom (he/him)

LIT Mentor and Programmer

Favourite Things to do during Quarantine: Playing video games, watching twitch (live streams), going for runs and biking.
Dom is a student that loves to spread positivity and fun. He is excited to eventually become a teacher. He loves games and music of all kinds. At heart he is an animal lover and a big fan of all things camp!

Noah (they/them)

LIT Mentor and Programmer

Favourite Things to do during Quarantine: play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and watch shows with friends online!

Noah has been described as upbeat and fun-loving, as well as understanding and down-to-earth. Noah enjoys nature, art, and stories, because they appreciate the many kinds of beauty life has to offer.

Caitlin (they/them)

Program Assistant

Favourite things to do during quarantine: play Animal Crossing, watch shows with friends, and read.
Caitlin is an enthusiastic artist with a passion for sculpture and alternative fashion! They have been called a calming presence and a good listener. Caitlin is a recent university graduate studying fine arts and psychology, and will be beginning a graduate program in community arts programming in the coming school year.