ROC Winter/Spring 2022

Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) is a chance for participants (ages 12-17) to connect this through at-home activities and staff-led interactive programming. Choose from a variety of engaging online programming in education and activism, artistic endeavors, and active outdoors. Programs run on every other Wednesday at 6pm EDT.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Pride and Remembrance Foundation, we are able to offer ROC evenings 2022 for free. If you are able to financially support this program, there will be an option to donate when you register online.

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THANK YOU and see you soon!

THANK YOU to everyone who has joined us across all of our ROC programs this year! Nine evenings of ROC fun, three spectacular Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, ROC March Break Camp, biweekly Parents ROC, and our two newly-introduced young adult programs with YA ROC! It's been an absolute joy to continue connecting with our Rainbow Community throughout the year. Rainbow Online Connection programs will be taking a break over the summer to focus on Rainbow Camp but we will be back with more in September. Stay tuned for more information!



Past Events

June 1: Pride Party Gartic Phone!

Broken telephone with an artistic twist! We will be ringing in Pride Month by hanging out on Zoom and playing Gartic Phone! All you need to join is an internet-connected device with a web browser to connect to our game on Gartic Phone.

Dungeons and Dragons

ROC is happy to present three D&D campaigns for youth, separated into "beginner" groups and "experienced" groups. Each campaign will consist of six weekly games that will be (approximately) three hours in length. Each group will have room for up to six adventurers, and participants may register for more than one campaign if they so wish. For more details about our D&D Program (including registration), click here!