ROC Programming

We offer programming in three major streams: education and activism, artistic endeavours, and active outdoors. Participants can choose which programming to engage in which allows them to create their own unique ROC experience. NEW this summer we are offering four different weekly themes and four different ROC boxes! Each week will be different programs with a different ROC BOX so you can sign up for as many weeks as you want!

Education and Activism includes educational programming, guest speakers and presenters, and social justice. Programs have included Trans 101, Connecting Beyond the Binary, Privilege Walks, Sign Language and Coming Out Tips/Tricks.

Artistic Endeavours include arts and crafts, music, dance, drama, and writing. Programs have included ukulele, storytelling, drama and improv, mindful movement, karaoke, cooking and makeup sessions.

Active Outdoors programming promotes physical fitness and helps create a love of the outdoors. Programs have included dance sessions, yoga, outdoor scavenger hunts, indoor fort building and indoor kayaking.

Weekly Themes

July 4-9 (ages 15-18) and July 11-16 (ages 12-14) will have a focus on ARTISTIC ENDEAVOURS. This week will feature the opportunity to express yourself through arts and crafts, writing, drama and music!

July 18-23 (ages 15-18) and July 25-30 (ages 12-14) will have a focus on LEADERSHIP and ACTIVISM. This week we will welcome guest speakers, learn how to be leaders and advocates, and learn about social justice!

August 2-6 (ages 15-18) and August 2-6 (ages 12-14) will have a focus on GETTING ACTIVE. This week will include outdoor scavenger hunts, movement challenges, indoor fort building and more!

August 15-20 (ages 15-18) and August 22-27 we will LET THE GAYMES BEGIN! This week will be full of friendly competition, tabletop and digital games, challenges and some of our favourite programs from the past six weeks. Be prepared for a little bit of everything this week!