Our goal is to offer a custom virtual-camp experience which means that participants can design their own ideal ROC program. We will be offering multiple programs daily and we DO NOT expect participants to participate in all activities. Instead, they can choose sessions and activities that they feel most passionate about.

We will be offering programming in three major streams: education and activism, artistic endeavours, and active outdoors. Each day there will be at least one program in each of these streams as well as large group activities such as group games, challenges, talent show and more!

Education and Activism includes educational programming, guest speakers and presenters, and social justice. Programs may include: Trans 101, Seven Grandfather Teachings, Intersectionality 101, ABCs of 2SLGBTQ+, Queer Music, Sign Language, Metis Culture, Coming Out: Tips/Tricks + Safety Plans, Insect Identification, Faith Formation and Spirituality, Privilege Walks, Non-Binary Discussion Group, Queer History, and more!

Artistic Endeavours include arts and crafts, music, dance, drama, and writing. Programs may include: Zumba, Bead Animals, Storytelling, Ukulele, Drama and Improv, Mindful Movement, Poetry, Karaoke, Stories through Dance, Cooking, Songwriting, Sketching, and Drag Make-up Workshop.

Active Outdoors programming promotes physical fitness and helps create a love of the outdoors. Specific programs may include: Fire Building, Survival Skills, Nature Walks, Scavenger Hunts, Fort Building, Yoga, Exercise Programs and more!