Frequently Asked Questions

The LIT Program runs from July 1-31. This includes mandatory LIT Training from July 1-3 followed by four weeks of ROC. During each week of ROC, LITs will participate in approximately 5 hours/week of placement, LIT programming, and professional development and learning opportunities. The total time commitment is approximately 50 hours spread throughout July.

If you are only able to attend part of the program or have other commitments, please talk to us! We can work with you to arrange your LIT schedule around other commitments that you may have.

Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Completion mailed to them after the program as well as a custom LIT-designed t-shirt!

This program offers you the chance to connect with other young leaders in a safe and secure online environment. LITs will engage in professional development and have the chance to choose between three streams: Advocacy, Hype and Programming. Most of all, LITs will have fun!

In order to successfully complete the LIT Program, you must participate in the mandatory LIT Training (July 1-3), complete 20 hours of placement (over 4 weeks), and participate in professional development in your chosen stream.

Certificates will be mailed to you after the program ends along with the custom LIT-designed t-shirt! Please ensure you have accurate mailing address on your registration form so that we can get them to you.

This is a different program! While our goal is to share many of the same skills and leadership development as we do during the Rainbow Camp LIT Program, this is a different environment which means that this is a great opportunity to be involved in something new!

If you are an LIT this summer for ROC and would also like to be an LIT at Rainbow Camp 2021, we’d love to have you!

If you are interested in becoming an LIT, please apply online. After your registration is complete, we will be in contact with you regarding the next steps.  Admission into the LIT Program is not guaranteed as we have limited spaces available so please take your time when completing the application.

We understand and respect that people have differing abilities to pay. We do our best to ensure our programming is financially accessible by offering a voluntary tier-based payment system. As a result of intensive fundraising and generous donations, we are able to offer subsidized rates for participants.

Based on the above information you may choose the tier that is most suitable for you.

Tier 1: $425 The true cost of providing a full month of LIT programming.

Tier 2: $275 A partially subsidized rate for those who are able to pay approximately half the true cost of the LIT program.

Tier 3: $125 A subsidized rate for the LIT program. While this rate does not cover the cost of running our programming, it allows our programs to be accessible so that we can reach more participants.

For more information, visit our Dates and Rates Page here.

We believe that money should never be a barrier to participating in our programs.

We are therefore happy to offer a variety of payment plans which you can select during online registration. We will also happily work with you to create a personalized payment plan. Contact if you would like more information about this option.

Additionally, you can apply for partial or full camperships (camp-scholarships) to help cover the cost of camp. This form is available during online registration. Funds are limited and we cannot guarantee camperships to all who apply, however, if you clearly communicate your financial needs on the campership application, we can do our best to meet them. Priority will be given to those who had already applied for campership funding to attend Rainbow Camp 2020.

For more information, visit our Dates and Rates Page here.

The LIT Program is open to anyone aged 17-18 who is interested in participating! You do not need to openly identify as 2SLGBTQ+ either at virtual camp or at home and we welcome allies as well! We require all participants, regardless of how they identify, to agree to our “Safe Space” policy. If you are concerned about speaking with your parents or guardians, contact us! We can explain the LIT Program to them in a friendly and non-judgmental way and/or provide tips for you to navigate talking with them on your own. You are also welcome to register as an ally, regardless of how you self-identify.

LITs will engage in a training period from July 1-3 which will include team building and building leadership skills. Following this, LITs will engage in four weeks of Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) as leaders as well as weekly check-ins with mentors. During this time LITs will also have the opportunity to choose between three streams of professional development: Advocacy, Hype, and Programming.

LITs will have the chance to work with mentors to develop programming for Rainbow Online Connection (ROC). Based on the programs that are planned, there may be the opportunity to lead or co-lead their programs with another staff member or LIT.