About ROC

Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) will serve participants (ages 12-17) and Leaders in Training (ages 17-18) with the opportunity to connect virtually through at-home activities and staff-led interactive programming.

What is ROC Fall Edition?

ROC Fall will feature some of our favourite programs from the summer as well as some new and innovative ideas to help us feel connected.

For the month of September, we are offering all of our programming for FREE. Registration is required for each individual session, you can register and view our full calendar here.

All of our staff are returning counsellors who have worked previously at Rainbow Camp and participated in our week-long staff training prior to COVID-19. All of our staff are members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community or strong allies.

Each staff for ROC completed our online training which included team building, digital programming, and online safety and security.

There are several ways to support ROC!

  1. Provide financial support. This allows us to offer subsidized registrations as well as providing additional camperships (camp scholarships) to families that require additional financial assistance. Donate online here.
  2. Share ROC with your friends and family to encourage them to register!
  3. Follow us on social media!


Please contact our Administrative Assistant Mallory for more information. She can be reached by phone or by email.

Phone: 888-909-2234 x101


Registration and Participants

Registration is done online for both Rainbow Online Connection (ROC). Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Please ensure that you have accurate contact information (email and phone) on your registration form so that we are able to contact you!

There is no deadline to register for ROC although we may limit how many participants we allow for certain programs.If ROC becomes full, you may register on our wait list and we will notify you if a space opens up.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at or 888-909-2234 x101.

Of course! ROC is offered entirely virtually which means that you can participate from anywhere in the world! All of our programming is running in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). To check what time zone you are currently in, click here!

Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) is open to anyone aged 12-17 who is interested in participating! You do not need to openly identify as 2SLGBTQ+ either at virtual camp or at home and we welcome allies as well! We require all participants, regardless of how they identify, to agree to our “Safe Space” policy.

If you are concerned about speaking with your parents or guardians, contact us! We can explain ROC to them in a friendly and non-judgmental way and/or provide tips for you to navigate talking with them on your own. You are also welcome to register as an ally, regardless of how you self-identify.


We understand and respect that people have differing abilities to pay. We do our best to ensure our programming is financially accessible by offering a voluntary tier-based payment system. As a result of intensive fundraising and generous donations, we are able to offer subsidized rates for participants.

Based on the above information you may choose the tier that is most suitable for you. For more information, visit our Dates and Rates Page.

Payment can be done by credit card or e-transfer and can be done in installments if needed. Full payment details will be sent in your confirmation email after you have completed your registration.

We believe that money should never be a barrier to participating in our programs.

We are therefore happy to offer a variety of payment plans which you can select during online registration. We will also happily work with you to create a personalized payment plan. Contact if you would like more information about this option.

Additionally, you can apply for partial or full camperships (camp-scholarships) to help cover the cost of camp. This form is available during online registration. Funds are limited and we cannot guarantee camperships to all who apply, however, if you clearly communicate your financial needs on the campership application, we can do our best to meet them. Priority will be given to those who had already applied for campership funding to attend Rainbow Camp 2020.

We are a registered non-profit. All of our program costs go directly towards covering the cost of ROC including staffing, programming, technology and training.

ROC allows participants to connect with other youth in a safe and secure online environment facilitated by trained staff members. Participants can choose the programming that interests them and co-create their week to engage in our three streams of programming: education and activism, artistic endeavours, and active outdoors. For more information about our programming, visit our Programming Page.


Our goal is to offer a custom virtual experience which means that participants can design their own ideal ROC program. We will be offering multiple programs and we DO NOT expect participants to participate in all activities. Instead, they can choose sessions and activities that they feel most passionate about.

We will be offering programming in three major streams: education and activism, artistic endeavours, and active outdoors. Each day there will be at least one program in each of these streams as well as large group activities such as group games, challenges, talent show and more! For more information about our programming, visit our Programming Page.

Once you are successfully registered, you will receive an email with details about how to access our online programming. If you have any questions about accessing ROC, contact Mallory (Administrative Person) at or 888-909-2234 x101.

The most current schedule can be viewed on the FALL 2020 Page.

The majority of our programming will not require any additional materials. Some programs may require the purchase of low-cost materials to participate in and the list of materials will be provided in advance.

Technology and Online Security

In order to participate in ROC you will need to have a device with reliable internet, camera and speaker. Most cell phones, laptops and tablets have cameras and speakers built in! If you are on a desktop computer, you may need to purchase a separate webcam in order to participate.

Most of our programming will be offered using Zoom ( To save time, please install Zoom on your device prior to the start of ROC. This is a free download and you DO NOT need to create an account (free or paid).

The safety of our community is always our top priority. All participants must agree to a code of conduct governing appropriate behavior. Any violation of these policies will have consequences up to and including removal from Rainbow Online Connection (ROC).

In addition, we will be implementing the following safety protocols:

  • Only registered participants, staff and volunteers will be given access to our virtual space. We will be utilizing the waiting room in Zoom to ensure that only registered individuals can join our programs.
  • All sessions will be recorded for safety. These recordings will not be shared without explicit permission from participants and their parents/guardians.
  • All programs will have a minimum of two trained staff and/or volunteers present to ensure our ROC “Safe Space” is maintained at all times.

If you have any specific questions about online safety and security, please contact Mallory (Administrative Assistant). She can be reached at or 888-909-2234 x101.

At the start of each session, we will require video to be turned on for a virtual attendance so that we can verify online participants. After that, if you wish to turn off your camera you may. There will be some sessions that will require video to stay on and there will also be sessions that do not require video. Information will be included in each session description.