Dungeons and Dragons 2023

ROC Dungeons and Dragons returns with three more exciting campaigns to explore for adventurers ages 12-17! Beginner and experienced groups of up to six adventurers each will spend six three-hour long weekly sessions on a daring journey together. Adventurers can sign up for more than one campaign!

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ROC is currently on summer break to focus on Rainbow Camp operations! We will be back in the fall with more online fun. Thanks for an amazing year campers, and we'll see you soon!

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Dates and Rates


Sunday Mornings-
Sunday Afternoons-
Tuesday Evenings-
"The Haunt of the St. Fredericton"9:00am-12:15pm

Jan. 15 - Feb. 19

Jan. 17 - Feb. 21
"The Mage's Tower"9:00am-12:15pm

Mar. 5 - Apr. 9
"The Fitadov Curse"9:00am-12:15pm

Apr. 23 - May 28

Apr. 23 - May 28


Welcome Friend Association understands and respects that people have differing abilities to pay for our ROC Programming. We do our best to ensure programs are financially accessible by offering a voluntary tier-based payment system. This program is voluntary and in no way influences the experience that participants receive. It is intended to allow families to take an active roll in supporting the cost of programming. Office staff are the only people who know what tier you have selected and this information is used for billing purposes only. If you are unable to afford Tier 3, please contact us to explore the possibility of a subsidized registration fee. We do not want finances to be a barrier to participation in our programs.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
"The Haunt of the St. Fredericton" (Jan. 15 - Feb. 21)$125$85$30
"The Mage's Tower" (Mar. 5 - Apr. 11)$125$85$30
"The Fitadov Curse" (Apr. 23 - May 30)$125$85$30

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