Camp Registration

IMPORTANT 2020 UPDATE: In-person Rainbow Camp has been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19. We are running four weeks of virtual programming called RAINBOW ONLINE CONNECTION, click here for more information!


Rainbow Camp® registration is an on-line process.  On the registration page, parents/guardians and the camper can work together to complete the Rainbow Camp 2020 Registration Forms.  Click here for online registration form in January 2021.

The Leaders-In-Training (LIT) application can also be found by clicking here in January 2021.  If you require a paper copy of the application forms please be in touch.

Registration Fee for Rainbow Camp® is $425.00 for campers and $625 for L.I.T.'s (both fees include a $25 nonrefundable administration fee).  Subsidies are available to help cover registration fees and travel costs if needed.


Are you coming to camp?

Once you determine that you want to be at WFA’s Rainbow Camp® you can complete the online registration.   You can start your registration forms and save your progress.  That gives you time to time to think about certain information or details.

Do You Need Financial Assistance?

If you need some financial help getting to camp you can apply for our “Campership Fund” (Camper scholarship).  We work at fund raising all year to ensure that everyone can attend Rainbow Camp® regardless of their financial situation.  Don’t let money stop you from coming to Camp!

How are you getting there?

We can provide you with travel information and options to meet up with others bound for camp.  Part- to full- funding for travel is available so don’t let money stop you from coming to Rainbow Camp®!

Remember spaces at Rainbow Camp® are limited.  Register early.

If you have questions about attending Camp that are not answered here, please contact us by phone or email.  We promise to reply!