2SLGBTQ+ Rainbow Camp Launches Virtual Camp

  2SLGBTQ+ (2 spirited, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer questioning) already have a high rate of suicide.  Due to COVID19, these youth are more isolated due to social distancing.  Some youth are forced to live in the closet, gender mislabeled, and now with the lack of connections within the community, many are feeling desperate and alone.

Welcome Friend Association's "Rainbow Camp®," has developed virtual programming for this year called Rainbow Online Connection (ROC).  The online programming will benefit 2SLGBTQ+ youth by giving them a heightened sense of community: a chance to meet new friends, a chance to be themselves, a chance to share and learn, all at the same time.

"Rainbow Online Connection (ROC) will serve our campers with the opportunity to connect virtually this summer through at-home activities and staff-led interactive programming.  The goal of this program is to create a virtual space for LGBT youth to connect with peers who are like them so that they feel less alone during these isolating times of COVID-19," says Rainbow Camp Director Stephanie Voyer.

Our goal is to offer a custom virtual-camp experience, which means that participants can design their own ideal ROC program. We will be offering multiple programs daily, and we DO NOT expect participants to participate in all activities. Instead, they can choose sessions and events that they feel most passionate about.

We will be offering programming in three major streams: education and activism, artistic endeavours, and active outdoors. Each day there will be at least one program in each of these streams as well as large group activities such as group games, challenges, a talent show and more!

"Our previous campers are excited," says Voyer, "and they have been anxiously waiting for news of what we will be offering this year".

Even before ROC starts we are getting Thank-Yous'

  • "I love the experience of being part of such an inclusive camp, and I want to have the opportunity to try the activities hosted by ROC." (Camper)
  • "Thank you for doing this!!!" (Parent)
  • "Thank you for creating this program!" (Parent)
  • "Thank you for finding a way for all these kids to connect. This is awesome!" (Parent)