Comments about Rainbow Camp

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Rainbow Camp campers:

“It was spectacular!"

"I had a real blast! Great supportive positive atmosphere, you could ask questions with confidence,
meet friends, great fun games, and delicious food.

"I'm definitely going again next year”

Parents of Rainbow Camp campers:


“I want to personally thank you for the best week of my daughter's life. She came home happier than I have seen her in years and said she had the best time ever and she wants to go back every year until she can become a camp counselor. She loved you (Harry Stewart) and your husband (Christopher Southin) and the kids thought it was so cute to watch the two of you sitting together at sunset and holding hands. Rainbow Camp has made history here in this "old school boy's club" city. I thank you for all of the wisdom and sharing you all had together. My daughter has made some new life time friends from this experience. She is so much happier ever since she got home and is so much more loving. She also loved the female Pastor and her wife/partner. If you ever need support from a very happy parent don't hesitate to ask me my friend!!  Warmest Regards...”

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