Camp Registration

Registration Fee for Rainbow Camp® is $350.00.  Subsidies and/or camp sponsorship are available to help cover registration fees and travel costs if needed.  Online registration opens February 1st, 2017.

Are you coming to camp?

Once you determine that you want to be at WFA’s Rainbow Camp® register online.   If you need time to think about certain information or details, do that.  We want you to be honest and open with us, so we can be open and honest with you.

Do You Need Financial Assistance?

If you need some financial help getting to camp, let us know.  We have sponsors and supporters that want to lift that concern from your shoulders. Part- to-full funding is available.  So don’t let money stop you from coming to Camp!

How are you getting there?

We can provide you with travel information, suggestions who to partner with enroute, and where there might be safe places to congregate with others bound for camp.  Part- to-full funding for travel is available.  So don’t let money stop you from coming to Camp!

Yeah, it seems like it could be a lot of work!  But if you’re serious about being part of Rainbow Camp® this year, you need to do this stuff.  Sit down, do it now, do it ALL now.
Far better that you apply for all if you think you need to, and decline later allowing another worthy youth the opportunity to come to Camp too.

Remember spaces at Rainbow Camp® are limited.  Register early.

If you have questions about attending Camp that are not answered here, please contact us by phone (use the no-charge-to-U number),  or email.  We promise to reply!

There are no dumb questions.

Contact Us

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